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Putting the power in your hands

Published 17th April, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Putting the power in your hands

Compact, durable and cordless, Kärcher’s HV 1/1 Bp handheld vacuum cleaner facilitates easy portable cleaning. Whether valeting a vehicle, cleaning an office or tidying up after building maintenance, this newest addition to the Kärcher family combines portable high cleaning performance, with a saving of up to 25% work time with no need to plug or unplug the device.

Its powerful suction, interchangeable battery and easy-to-empty container make this machine not only convenient to use but a portable cleaning ally. With a nominal power of 115W, an air flow rate of 33 litres per second, and lightweight design at only 1.8kg, the HV 1/1 Bp enables users to reach even the tightest of spaces in lifts and stairwells to get those cleaning jobs done quickly and effortlessly.

The cordless design completely eradicates any chance of a trip hazard while the 18V lithium-ion battery delivers a run time of over 30 minutes in eco!efficiency mode, which also reduces operating noise.

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