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Putting a shine on thecentre:mk

Published 18th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Putting a shine on thecentre:mk

3M floor pads have put an added gloss on the experiences of shoppers at thecentre:mk by restoring the shine to the centre's Grade 2 listed Travertine stone floors. By specifying 3M, contract cleaner Europa has also made the floors quicker, easier and cheaper to maintain, to the delight of thecentre:mk's management company, CBRE.

With 1.3 million sq ft of retail space and over 27 million visitors each year, thecentre:mk is one of the UK's busiest shopping centres. “Enhancing the experience for visitors and tenants is a critical part of our future strategy,” said CBRE operations manager, Brad Curcillo. “Additionally, with the Travertine stone floor being Grade 2 listed, we have an obligation to enhance and protect it.”

CBRE challenged Europa to restore the shine to the dull stone floors and create an ambience worthy of a top 10 retail destination. Previously Europa had been employing a general scrubbing and buffing process to keep the floors clean. They looked at a number of different systems and processes to get the deep clean and shine they wanted before settling on the 3M solution.

“Not only did they deliver the best results, but they also proved to be the most cost-effective” said Europa's environmental services manager for thecentre:mk, Jason Buckley.

3M Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation (SPP) floor pads were used to deep-clean the floor and remove stains without the need for any chemical strippers. Two grades of 3M Trizact HX discs were then used to grind and polish the dull and scratched floor to a smooth sheen, without reducing slip resistance. Finally, 3M Scotch-Brite High-Shine purple pads were used to buff and polish the floor to a brilliant shine.

Having restored the floors, Europa is now able to maintain them all year round at a lower cost, with minimal mess and operational downtime. The 3M floor pads strip and clean with fewer passes than the previous system, significantly increasing productivity. They also clean deeper so the floors don't need to be revisited as often, reducing labour costs. Furthermore, because they require only water to effectively remove the floor finish, the floor pads are safer and more environmentally friendly to use.

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