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Protecting a city monument

Published 26th May, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Protecting a city monument

Despite the January frost, Antique Bronze Ltd, specialist in sculptural conversation and restoration, began work on restoring Althea Wynne's spirited trio of horse sculptures in Minster Court, City of London.

Antique Bronze was the company chosen to undertake this project as it is known for its knowledge and expertise in contemporary patination. The company has been commissioned in the past to work with artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Wendy Taylor.

The sculptures required cleaning and conservation work in order to bring them back to a stable condition and return the life to their surfaces. They had suffered from the outdoor, urban environment that they find themselves in. Lucy Branch, director of Antique Bronze, said: “Their beautiful and delicate patina had begun to corrode, streaking had formed and distinct patches of disfiguring corrosion had begun to develop. Our aim was to use what remained of their original finish as a guide and harmonise some of the more stark surface changes. It is impossible to prevent bronze from changing when it lives outdoors. Our job is to minimise change and allow the public to enjoy the beauty of these special pieces long into the future.”

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