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Pro-Window range cleans to 5m height

Published 26th February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Pro-Window range cleans to 5m height

The Pro-Window line of products sets new standards in ergonomics, innovation and provides you with the latest generation of professional glass cleaning tools. The products have been developed by Hill Brush Co. Ltd, typically know for manufacturing a comprehensive line in manual cleaning tools. The system consists of a T-bar scrubber with a microfibre sleeve, a handle with a selection of three different size squeegee blades, and telescopic poles that fit both the T-bar and the squeegee.

The handles on the squeegee and scraper T-Bar are created with a non-slip, bi-component ergonomic grip that fits perfectly into a user's hand. When it comes to understanding the needs of the user, HBC’s new Pro-Window Soft Rubber provides streak-free performance, better glide and superior results.

The HBC telescopic poles allow you to work at heights up to 5 meters, while standing on the ground. This avoids the use of ladders and increases the safety levels in and around your workplace.

• New standards in ergonomics & innovation
• Exceptional dirt pick up
• Easy rinsing
• Glides smoothly across the glass without leaving streaks
• Smart-lock technology for lightweight telescopic handles
• Safety-first approach
• Easy-Spring technology allows for practical replacement of the channel or rubber

There is also a range of ultra-lightweight water-fed brushes that have been developed for pure water cleaning systems.

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