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Powering a new generation of floor cleaning equipment

Published 22nd March, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Powering a new generation of floor cleaning equipment

A3 Machines specialises in industrial, commercial and municipal floor cleaning machines and equipment. It sells and hires reconditioned floor cleaning machines including vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and floor polishers, scrubber driers, and carpet cleaners.

A3 Machines is committed to providing its customers with the best equipment to carry out the most thorough clean and a key component of this offer is a power source that ensures a maintenance-free and continuous operation. To achieve this, the company works with independent UK battery specialist, DBS Leoch, to source the latest battery technology for its machines. A3 Machines uses AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology from DBS, predominantly the AGM 100 and AGM 150 models. These are deep cycle batteries with a particular focus on powering cleaning and maintenance equipment such as A3 Machines’ range of battery operated scrubber dryers. The AGM batteries offer up to 600 cycles, are sealed and maintenance-free, non-spillable with no need to fill, and deliver four times the cycles of traditional flooded batteries.

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