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Powerfloat for polished concrete floors

Published 16th February, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Powerfloat for polished concrete floors

Watco solves the problem of how to paint a polished concrete floor, without the need for surface-damaging shot blasting.

Powerfloat or polished concrete is extremely hard and dense and this can pose real problems for painting or sealing. The smooth, hard surface is achieved by a power float machine, something that looks like a large garden lawn mower with a series of rotating blades underneath that smooth out and polish the partially set concrete surface. The result is ultra-hard and smooth, ideal for coping with heavy traffic in warehouses or showrooms. It is also a much superior finish to the traditional hand trowelled floor. But this toughness also makes sealing and painting tricky. Paint will peel off and the result looks messy.

Most surfaces need a degree of absorption or texture to make the paint grip. For a powerfloat floor, most paint manufacturers recommend shot blasting to open up the surface so that the paint penetrates. This approach can work but many of the powerfloat floor's desirable, smooth, hardwearing properties are blasted away. Acid etching is also recommended but this simply doesn't work if water or paint can't penetrate the surface.

Watco Powerfloat Sealer eliminates the need for both shot blasting and acid etching. The sealer can be applied direct to the floor by roller, to successfully seal and enhance the attractive look of the natural, polished concrete. Two coats will result in a tough, washable surface with the only preparation needed being a clean dry surface. The innovative formulation includes special additives that successfully bond with the smooth concrete surface. All the benefits of a smooth, hard, virtually maintenance free floor will be maintained, in contrast to a floor textured by shotblasting, which can be difficult to keep clean.

To paint a powerfloat floor, Watco Powerfloat Primer can be applied directly onto the surface as a single coat without the need for any form of texturing. Once the primer coat is done, any Watco floor paint can be applied the following day, to produce a hard, durable finish.

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