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Plant a tree

Published 21st October, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Plant a tree

Peter Grant Papers, manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of away from home paper products, is backing PHS Direct’s campaign to support The National Forest.

PHS Direct has committed to planting an area of six hectares close to its operational centre in Dordon, Staffordshire, and will plant 5000 trees a year for the next three years - with the option to continue further in the future. Peter Grant Papers is making a contribution to the project.

Sales and marketing director, Paul Weddle, said: "Our support of PHS Direct’s sponsorship project gives us an opportunity to show we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We’re very happy to support this ambitious initiative to create a National Forest in the heart of England."

James Clark, managing director of PHS Direct, said: "We are delighted Peter Grant Papers has chosen to back our sponsorship of The National Forest and we are looking forward to have a great deal of fun working them and our other supporters in creating our part of the Forest."