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PHS releases corporate responsibility report

Published 19th October, 2011 by Neil Nixon

PHS releases corporate responsibility report

The PHS Group has released its annual corporate responsibility (CR) report. This is the first report to provide a thorough analysis of CR at PHS, and follows a recent strategic review of the area.

The report is designed to be an honest appraisal of the group’s drive to be a more sustainable business, and highlights many examples of its long-standing commitment to the areas of health & safety, environment, people and community. It also identifies key areas for further improvement, and outlines the organisation’s approach to reaching its three-year strategic goals.

Peter Cohen, chief executive, said: “It might come as a surprise to some that this is the first corporate responsibility report PHS has released. But it doesn’t mean our commitment to sustainability is new; it’s just that we haven’t always been the best at promoting our achievements. With nearly 50 years experience of operating in complex and highly regulated markets, environmental and ethical best practice has always been, and continues to be, fundamental to our business and a natural part of what we do.”

Both the group’s CR report and the development of its three-year sustainability strategy follow the recent appointment of Emma Wood to the role of group sustainability manager. This brand new position underscores the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and to the development of a cohesive approach to becoming a more sustainable service business.

Wood is keen to point out that this is a practical and realistic objective, and not just fashionable ‘lip service’: “It’s about finding new and workable ways to manage the company’s environmental and social impact, simultaneously saving money and giving us a real competitive edge in the marketplace. No company is perfect, but we should be proud of what we are achieving and of our real, working commitment to the sustainability principle.”

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