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OspreyFrank - a new name in pressure washing

Published 4th July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

OspreyFrank - a new name in pressure washing

Combining two of the best known brand names in cleaning technologies, UK based OspreyDeepclean and German manufacturer Frank GmbH, have joined together to create a new name in pressure washing: OspreyFrank.

Osprey has a good pedigree in steam cleaning innovation and has built a globally recognised brand, whilst the Frank tradition draws upon centuries of manufacturing experience, in recent years specialising in high pressure cleaners and dry steam cleaners, as well as self-service wash stations and accessories.

OspreyFrank hot and cold water machines have user appeal because of their obvious power and robustness together with a high level of technology. Chassis are corrosion-resistant while the casing is made of hot galvanised and plastic-laminated steel, ensuring increased solidity.

The solid and durable triple-plunger high-pressure pumps used in all OspreyFrank machines feature wear-resistant, ceramic plungers that operate quietly.

Coupled with the ‘telecontrol’ operator handles for ease of use and operator safety, and a range of capacity variations from 80 bar to 270 bar, these mobile units will satisfy most users. For continuous high demand applications OspreyFrank has static versions with cold or hot water specifications, the latter with oil, gas or electrically heated options.

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