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'Open as usual' service for fire and flood victims

Published 30th June, 2011 by Neil Nixon

'Open as usual' service for fire and flood victims

Worcestershire-based IT support & solutions provider, OGL Computer, has launched a Disaster Recovery Suite to allow businesses in the region to relocate in the event of a disaster, enabling them to maintain normal operation. The suite includes desks to accommodate up to 24 people, with telephone, PC and Internet connection and access to clients’ files, folders, e-mail and applications is also available.

The Disaster Recovery Suite, located at OGL’s Farm House Centre based at the Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire head office, provides office facilities including printing, faxing, on-site parking, a meeting room, plus a kitchen and shower area, and allows business to use the facilities in the event of a disaster at their premises, such as a fire or flood. Equally important, data is the lifeblood of any business, and the inability to access this data for any significant amount of time would be catastrophic. OGL will therefore also backup and store data in a secure offsite data centre, and in the event of a disaster, businesses will be provided with rapid access to their data via Internet connection, giving them the ability to continue normal operation.

Should businesses or employees not be located in proximity to the Disaster Recovery Suite, OGL is also proposing future partnerships with office space providers in other regions with the intention of providing the same office facilities, coupled with the offsite data backup system.

The data backup and retrieval system is also available independently of OGL’s Disaster Recovery Suite. Known as OGL Offsite Recovery, it provides automatic nightly backup via the Internet of all mission critical data, e-mail, operating systems and applications, to OGL’s Tier-IV aligned data centre: the most secure classification of data centre available in the UK. In the event of a disaster, data can be accessed remotely by key workers from any broadband connection - including OGL’s Disaster Recovery Suite - within 24 hours.

“Adding a Disaster Recovery Suite is the next logical step for our Offsite Recovery Solution,” said OGL’s head of research and development, Paul Colwell. “Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get back up and running after a disaster. By adding a Disaster Recovery Suite we are alleviating the difficulty in finding new premises, new equipment and reducing the time taken to continue with normal operation.”