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Online courses from Asset Skills Training

Published 6th August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Online courses from Asset Skills Training

Online courses are available from Asset Skills Training for the cleaning, FM, property and housing sectors. The courses are cost-efficient and designed to give a quick but thorough induction into these sectors.

A spokesperson for Asset Skills said: “The beauty of these courses is that they can be completed in a couple of hours, so they are quick and efficient, making it easier for companies trying to keep a business running whilst training their staff, as there is no need for staff to take time off work for training. With courses starting from just £30, the training is competitively priced and time saving. Employers have the opportunity to train their staff to provide them with the key skills to safely perform their daily job roles whilst maintaining legal standards. Special training courses can be tailored specifically to a company's needs. Asset Skills Training has years of industry expertise, providing advise on training needs and business processes that can help improve workforce skills and achieve more efficient working practices that lead to higher productivity. Keeping staff trained is a great way for your business to be kept up to date with changes in legislation, as well as staying informed of any new developments within the industry - vital for a company to remain competitive.”

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