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One pass cleaning and waste collection

Published 4th September, 2013 by Neil Nixon

One pass cleaning and waste collection

New from Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is the Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy Bundle which brings lean cleaning productivity and labour cost optimisation benefits to many building service contractors and particularly those working in office buildings and retail locations.

The bundle comprises of a tough, 167 litre capacity Rubbermaid Brute grey container mounted on a quiet dolly. A Deluxe Rim Caddy is secured on to the top lip of the Brute to offer capacious yet organised storage of cleaning supplies. The time-saving advantage for the cleaning operative is that with this product bundle, they can now pick up waste and clean in one pass. This compares favourably to the time-consuming former practice of having to gather waste, dispose of it, and then subsequently retrace their steps back to the desk or work area to start cleaning.

The fact that the Brute container glides along noiselessly, thanks to the whisper-quiet wheels on the dolly, also means that more cleaning and maintenance tasks can now be undertaken in occupied buildings during the day - when labour rates tend to be less expensive - rather than at night.

The Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy is also cleverly configured for ease and speed of use and has in-built flexibility to map onto the differing processes of cleaning teams. For example, dual stream liners can be used to separate the collection of recyclable materials and general waste which again eliminates the need for a separate pass. Another small but important design feature that speeds the cleaning process is the ergonomic arched handle which allows effortless manoeuvring in tight spaces and around obstacles.

The Deluxe Rim Caddy itself includes three additional holders allowing users to also easily carry multiple mop handles and brooms for dusting. Even more accessories such as Hygen microfibre cloths can be carried in the fabric multi-pocket organiser which hangs from the caddy. A further ingenious touch, borne out of Rubbermaid's extensive pre-launch field testing, is the inclusion of a large hook which is a convenient way for the cleaner to transport a hazard warning sign to where the cleaning will take place.

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