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On-site laundry for 5-star hotel

Published 30th April, 2015 by Neil Nixon

On-site laundry for 5-star hotel

The luxurious Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in the heart of the City of London has two on-premise laundries, both of which are equipped and serviced by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems. While the bulk of the hotel's bed and table linen and towels are contracted out, the two hotel laundries handle everything else.

The larger of the two laundries has three Schulthess 7kg washer extractors with three Amazon 8kg dryers stacked on top of them. This laundry handles bath robes, slippers, face cloths, mattress protectors, net curtains, back of house uniforms, and all the hotel's cleaning cloths plus any other miscellaneous items. According to Geoffrey Hawkins, head housekeeper at the hotel, this laundry is in constant use from 7.30am to 7pm, seven days a week. He said: “These machines have been here since well before I joined the hotel three and a half years ago and they're still going strong.”

The second laundry, which was installed at the beginning of last year, consists of two Schulthess washers and two stacked Amazon dryers and is used by the hotel's valet team for guests' personal laundry. Each guest's items are done as a separate load and a very rapid turn-round is offered, including hand ironing if required.

“We are very happy with the machinery and the service from Armstrong,” said Hawkins. “Inevitably with equipment which is worked so hard, there is the occasional breakdown, but it is always fixed very quickly. We did look at the possibility of having some larger machines but decided that more of the small machines offered us better flexibility for different types of loads, and fitted the space we had more easily.”

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