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On-line learning need identified in stakeholder survey

Published 4th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

On-line learning need identified in stakeholder survey

Employers need learning and qualification routes that are flexible and accessible - with a preference for web-based modules and shorter courses. That's the main message to emerge from WAMITAB's annual customer and stakeholder satisfaction survey.

The principal findings were:

• A significant proportion of respondents would like to see WAMITAB develop online learning (33%), while a further 20% of respondents thought that WAMITAB should develop short courses.
• 76% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that WAMITAB is the brand of choice for all waste qualifications - an increase of 7% on last year.
• 71% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they would use WAMITAB for qualifications other than waste management.

Customers and stakeholders were also asked to rate WAMITAB in terms of the quality of its customer services, qualifications and website, with overwhelmingly positive responses.

Chris James, CEO of WAMITAB, said: “The desire for more online learning is a trend we have seen developing over the last year or so. It has many benefits for both employers and employees, as it allows learning to take place wherever and whenever is convenient, enabling learners to 'tailor' their training in terms of fitting in with their personal and professional lives. It also saves money for employers, as there are none of the costs associated with residential courses, such as transport and accommodation. Shorter courses enable learning to be broken down into manageable chunks, and offer the chance for a swifter progression in terms of qualifications achieved, which is highly motivating for the learner. It's gratifying that WAMITAB scored so highly in terms of being the brand of choice for waste qualifications, but it is also encouraging to see such a significant proportion of respondents indicate that they would use us for other qualifications too. The convergence of the cleaning, FM, recycling and waste management industries is something we have been watching closely, and we are continuing to expand our qualifications offer to cover these complementary sectors, which are increasingly working closer together. We value feedback from our customers and stakeholders highly, as it helps us to review our performance and ensure that we continue to provide them with the care and support they have come to expect from us. WAMITAB are committed to working closely with industry sectors to develop the qualifications, skills and competency frameworks that will deliver the results they require.”

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