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OCS staff win Team Clean Challenge

Published 3rd November, 2010 by Neil Nixon

OCS staff win Team Clean Challenge

OCS’s cleaning team at the MOD Abbeywood site in Bristol have been named joint winners of the 2010 Team Clean Challenge while their team manager was awarded the title of Best Manager. The Team Clean Challenge competition, now in its third year, is organised by Asset Skills and aims to highlight the high quality training which takes place in the industry and to show that cleaning is a skilled job which requires solid technical knowledge and leadership.

"The OCS Abbeywood team had strength and depth of skills that were exemplified from the overall winning manager downwards through the team," said Chris James, director of research and development for Asset Skills. "They were an exceptional team who made the most of the opportunity to showcase their skills and rightfully deserve the Gold Medal position they have achieved."

Chris Hunt, OCS’s team manager, said: "Whilst I found it quite difficult to perform under competition conditions, I was relieved that I was able to apply the knowledge and techniques that I undertake every day at work."

Richard Williams, one of the cleaning operatives who took part, said: "It was a great morale booster for everyone; I got the chance to personally test myself and was very proud of us all. We all worked well under competition conditions."

The event gave OCS the opportunity to demonstrate the skills of the team which cleans the Abbeywood site for its client Debut. The 121,000 sq m of the MOD’s Procurement HQ in Bristol comprises office and conference space as well as dining, crèche and fitness facilities.

Competing against teams from across the UK from the public and private sector, as well as being judged on quality cleaning standards, the Abbeywood team was assessed on their ability to work safely, to time and to plan and on their work as a team, training and communication.

Richard Beamish, chief executive of Asset Skills, said: "The Team Clean Challenge is a competition held every year for employers in the cleaning industry. The contest is very popular with employers because it highlights the good quality training that staff at all levels undertake. The competition seeks to show the importance cleaning plays to a healthy, functioning society - and how crucial it is to have skilled staff who know how to manage the environment and have the right skills to control bacteria and other biohazards properly."

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