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Northwood increases sustainability targets with new partnership

Published 4th May, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Northwood increases sustainability targets with new partnership

Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd has announced a partnership with Trees for Cities – the only UK charity to plant trees in towns and cities to help improve people’s lives in the UK and around the world.

The move by Northwood – a leading manufacturer and supplier of away-from-home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products – has further strengthened its commitment to the environmental agenda.

Under the partnership, Northwood will donate funds for trees to be planted in urban areas when customers sign up to install North Shore or Raphael dispensers. The firm hopes to plant up to 500 trees this year under the scheme, which aims to make a social and environmental impact by engaging local residents to plant trees and bring the multiple benefits of urban trees into their community spaces.

Trees for Cities has planted more than 1.5 million trees since it was established in 1993 and the charity engaged with some 24,000 pupils in its school programme in 2022 alone.

Paul Mulready, marketing manager at Northwood, said: “We’re aiming to make sustainability second nature in our business. As a responsible manufacturer, it is important for us to do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment and work towards improving the environment for local communities. Sustainability is a hugely important issue right now and trees are a vital part of our environment. They are critical for our biodiversity, playing an essential role in our collective goal to become carbon neutral by helping to off-set emissions that can’t be reduced by other means. We have an ambitious target to plant 500 trees this year and we hope that this project will bring communities closer by contributing to good physical and mental health and helping to support the regeneration of nature.”

Rory Field, corporate partnership director at Trees for Cities, added: "Trees for Cities is proud to partner with Northwood Hygiene Products. Trees are important for our mental and physical health, as well as for the health of our planet. This partnership between the two organisations creates a great synergy."

Northwood’s partnership with Trees for Cities is part of the firm’s wider sustainability strategy, which embraces a circular economy. Northwood is one of just a few companies in the UK that is fully vertically integrated, meaning it sells as well as converts parent reels. It collects more than 100,000 tonnes of recovered fibres and produces more than 70,000 recycled parent reels a year. Furthermore, 80% of Northwood’s products are made from recycled paper and all of Northwood’s paper mills now produce Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified base sheet paper.

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