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No guarantee with a 'brown box'

Published 25th January, 2016 by Neil Nixon

No guarantee with a 'brown box'

The Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) is warning buyers that no Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme marque on the box means no guarantee of what's inside.

“Buyers who make assumptions about the quality of the plastic sacks they purchase are taking a big risk,” said Mike Stubbs, chairman of the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for plastic refuse sacks. “Unbranded 'brown boxes' come with no guarantee. The order may be for medium or heavy duty plastic sacks but with 'brown box' products, these 'fit for purpose' specifications are meaningless - they have no common definition. In contrast, plastic sacks with the Accreditation Scheme marque are manufactured to a clear, defined specification and are tested against that specification to make sure they are 'fit for purpose'.”

The CHSA's independent inspector audits the products within the scheme using the British Standards Institute's drop test, during which the sack is filled to a pre-defined weight then dropped a specific height and assessed. 10 sacks are tested in this way and only if the batch passes is it marked suitable for the 'duty' category in question. The labels are also reviewed to ensure there is full traceability to manufacturer and batch.

The Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for plastic refuse sacks guarantees three things: consistency of supply - customers receive what they order; accurate labelling - customers know what they are paying for; and fully audited manufacturers - CHSA standards, your guarantee.

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