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NHS not making the most of technology, poll says

Published 14th February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

NHS not making the most of technology, poll says

Hospitals in the UK should be making better use of the latest advancements in the cleaning industry, according to a new opinion poll. In a survey run by blog site, an overwhelming 86% of respondents thought NHS facilities managers were not properly utilising modern technology.

The results indicate there is still a large gap between the demands of a contemporary healthcare environment and the facilities management practices currently being used.

James Blackhurst, managing director of Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, who ran the survey, said: “If facilities managers aren't using the technology available, they risk missing out on opportunities to reduce costs, improve staff productivity and, above all, increase cleanliness standards in their hospitals. We've found some facilities managers have concerns about the cost of the development and training required for staff to be able to keep up with new methods and equipment. Others ask how they can develop a strategy which will constantly need to be reviewed and updated as the technology evolves. The real question is, how can they afford not to maximise the use of technology? Issues of time, finance, quality and performance can all be vastly improved by embracing the latest in cleaning technology.”

Jigsaw Cleaning Systems recently introduced innovative disposable mops into a major NHS hospital, saving it £55,000 and 700,000 litres of water in a year. Floor cleaning audits at the hospital scored 99.6%, a vast improvement on the previous method.

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