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New website for Loo of the Year Awards

Published 27th July, 2015 by Neil Nixon

New website for Loo of the Year Awards

The Loo of the Year Awards has launched a new website which will be central to its marketing activities but will also be useful to all 'away from home' toilet providers, the cleaning and FM industries, as well as promoting all aspects of the services and value that the awards offer. It has been designed to be accessible by desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Full details of the awards, judging criteria, entries, events, sponsorship and news items are supplemented by a comprehensive 'loo advice' section. This includes toilet design, toilet ratios, best practice, cleaning guidelines, and colour coding.

The new website also provides information on the 'loo monitor' service, a valuable additional tool. It is used to monitor performance more frequently than annual entry in the main Loo of the Year Awards, and extremely useful in benchmarking trends in supplier performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Full details are also provided of the 'awards consultation service'. This provides a unique, independent and unbiased consultation service on a cost effective basis. The service can be used in relation to proposed, new or older toilets and any aspect of toilet provision can be included. Every consultation is completed by experienced senior managers.

The gallery section includes images of award-winning loos displayed in entry category sections.

Loo of the Year Awards managing director, Mike Bone, said: “The new Loo of the Year Awards website - - is a major step forward in our evolution. It has been specifically designed to be useful for the industry and not just to promote the LOY Awards. It provides a hub for useful information and covers all aspects of 'away from home' toilet provision.”

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