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New washing machine for contract cleaners

Published 2nd January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

New washing machine for contract cleaners

Miele Professional has introduced a new generation of washer-extractors, called the MopStar range, to cater for facility management services. The two models have load capacities of 6.5 and 13kg of mops and cleaning cloths. Using a patented process, mops and cloths can be impregnated with detergent or disinfectant, making them ready for re-use and saving cleaners considerable time and money.

User-friendly controls on the 6.5kg model separate the programmes for mops and cleaning cloths into two distinct areas. Programmes are selected using a rotary selector switch and further information is provided in the display in the user's own language. The user interface on the 13kg machine is slightly different: here, programmes are launched using six push buttons (Profitronic D controls) allowing frequently used programmes to be started quickly.

Patented technology for greater cleanliness

A patented Miele pre-spinning cycle ensures both thoroughly clean mops and short cleaning times. Starting the cycle with a spin has the effect of removing coarse soil and dirty water, allowing a greater volume of fresh water to enter the machine in the main wash. At the same time, this also discharges any detergent or tenside residue, allowing textiles to absorb more tensides from the new detergent and resulting in a positive effect on wash performance. This process is an integral part of all Miele wash cycles for used mops. As all MopStar machines are able to produce ready-to-use cleaning textiles, machine users and operators save both time and money.

Using ready-to-use cleaning cloths through Miele machines is 40% faster than the manual method and uses only around half the water. Practical tests also point to an improvement in surface cleaning performance of more than 60%. Residual moisture can be set to four different settings to cater for individual needs, allowing each cleaner to achieve maximum performance from the very beginning.

22 programmes for contract cleaners meet all requirements: from various wash cycles for mops and cleaning cloths to programmes for thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection. Temperatures and holding times can be selected to suit individual needs. Furthermore, there is also a special programme catering for washing new mops before first use, making them fully absorbent from the outset. After washing heavily soiled loads, the machine-cleaning programme ensures optimum hygiene for following washes.

Depending on the size of the specific model, the new machines are able to wash and impregnate up to 68 cotton or 100 micro-fibre mops (40cm square) or more than 400 cleaning cloths per wash, although this may vary depending on the material and the manufacturer of the items. All washer-extractors for use in facility management feature Miele's patented honeycomb drum, the sculptured surface of which creates a thin film of water between textiles and the body of the drum, and the small drum perforations considerably reduce mechanical strain on laundry.

Miele's MopStar machines are ideal in meeting the typical requirements of facility management. If, however, clients require larger-capacity machines or more programme slots to compile their own programmes, Miele Professional recommends its tried-and-tested range of washer-extractors. These offer load capacities of up to 13kg along with Profitronic M controls and 199 programme slots. These machines can easily be retrofitted by Miele to process ready-to-use mops and cleaning cloths. If cleaning textiles are to be placed in intermediate storage and not used again immediately, they must be thoroughly dried. In this case, Miele tumble dryers with matching facility management programmes are the ideal proposition. These are also available as slimline models for easy site access and use in confined spaces.

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