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New solution for deep cleaning escalators

Published 9th January, 2018 by Neil Nixon

New solution for deep cleaning escalators

REN Restore is a low-cost cleaning system for restoring the risers of escalators - from RENclean, the same company that offers maintenance cleaning solutions for escalator treads. In both types of cleaning, the operation is manual, safe and easy to do, using a REN pad engineered to fit the profile of the escalator steps.

REN Restore is a liquid solution that, when sprayed, activates as a micro gel and sticks to the metal surface. It is specially formulated not to drip onto the escalator mechanicals or chain drive system.

After a few minutes’ dwell time, scrubbing the static escalator with the REN Riser Brush dislodges the accumulated dirt. This brush has three profiles to clean the curved riser surface and reach into the crevice adjoining the treads. Wiping with the specially designed REN Riser Pad then removes the remaining grime, leaving a restored, gleaming riser surface.

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