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New report published: 'The future of cleaning'

Published 12th May, 2015 by Neil Nixon

New report published: 'The future of cleaning'

Cleaning is essential both at home and in the office - that is the overwhelming message from new research commissioned by cleaning industry PR specialist, Ceris Burns International (CBI PR).

In what amounts to a unanimous verdict, everybody who took part in the independent survey, carried out by Mindlab International, endorsed cleaning as an important industry sector, delivering invaluable services to society. Responses from the survey form the basis of a new best practice guide, 'The Future of Cleaning', which is the second in a series. CBI PR launched its first guide, 'Selling Recycling to a Sceptical Public', in September last year, giving tips on planning communications campaigns for recycling and waste management companies.

In 'The Future of Cleaning' CBI PR focusses on the cleaning industry. The guide uses consumer perceptions revealed through the independent survey to help cleaning professionals develop the products and services that will deliver the right results for years to come. Company branding, investment in machinery and equipment, practical research and development, and the importance of communication are all highlighted in the guide.

The key findings of the independent survey were:

• 78% of participants said that machinery is more effective than a mop.
• 66% said that effectiveness is the single most important aspect when designing cleaning equipment or services.
• 51% would prefer to see cleaners in branded uniforms.
• 34% never talked to a cleaner at work.
• 72% said that cleaning makes them feel satisfied.

The study used a series of timed-response sorting tasks to measure associations with different cleaning images, as well as an explicit survey looking at people's perceptions of the cleaning industry. 200 people, located across England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, took part in the survey, representing a wide range of ages and professions.

Ceris Burns, managing director of CBI PR, said: “This new guide is very close to my heart, having personally been part of the cleaning industry for a significant number of years. The research raised some interesting points, not least consumers' faith in hi-tech cleaning machinery over more traditional methods. Branding for cleaning companies is also seen as commercially important, and in addition we feel this can help with staff motivation and retention, so it is an area that merits investment and development. The admission that many people never talk to a cleaner at work is slightly surprising, but this can be addressed through training and awareness building. CBI PR is proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the cleaning industry, both in the UK and internationally, so this guide is a way for us to give something back. I hope it will inspire cleaning professionals to develop even better products and services for the future, and help them recruit and retain the skilled and dedicated employees that this industry sector needs and deserves.”

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