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New range of SensaMist scent diffusers

Published 30th April, 2019 by Neil Nixon

New range of SensaMist scent diffusers

Vectair Systems haslaunched its new range of scent diffusers with advanced atomiser technology, designed to bring the magic of scent to interior spaces.

With the SensaMist brand, a user will find solutions to all of their scenting needs, with a range of diffusers to suit any environment or application. The diffuser range is able to accommodate rooms and environments of between 80m3to 2000m3depending on the device chosen - from the washroom to the lobby.

With a choice of both wall mountable and table or floor standing units, battery or 12V DC operated units, as well as units that are suitable for HVAC (air conditioning) installation, there are suitable solutions for every application.

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