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New methods, sweeping results

Published 25th June, 2014 by Neil Nixon

New methods, sweeping results

The Royal Preston Hospital in Preston, Lancashire, needed a way to reduce the dust on its floors before wet mopping. Bacteria need food, water, air and the right temperature to grow and in dust they have all the elements except one: water. Wet mopping onto dust gives bacteria the final element they need to grow, resulting in the spread of infection. Facilities staff at the hospital knew that sweeping the dust was not an effective enough option. What the hospital needed was a way of collecting as much of the dust as possible before applying water.

Debbie Shattock, domestic services manager at The Royal Preston Hospital, discovered a way dust could be reduced significantly using Masslinn cloths supplied by Jigsaw Cleaning Systems. Masslinn cloths are viscous and impregnated with a mineral oil which captures and binds the dust, dirt and bacteria. The microfibres in the cloth have a positive charge that attracts dust, which has a negative charge, meaning that the dust is held tightly and not redistributed around the room during cleaning.

Tests were carried out separately to compare the amount of dust particles in a room, first after sweeping and then after dust binding. The tests revealed that after sweeping there were 85,000cm³ of dust particles, whereas after dust binding only 7500cm³ of dust remained.

After introducing the cloths into the hospital, facilities staff found cleaning was easier and cleaning times were reduced. The cloths also mitigate the need for using chemicals and reduce the amount of water used. Brian Boll, systems director at Preston-based Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “Effective dust binding is critical before wet mopping as it reduces the amount of dust in the air and is a much more effective and efficient approach. Binding the dust using the Masslinn cloths reduces the amount of dust in the air by ten times. The cloths are disposable, come in different sizes for different surface areas and can be attached to mop heads to leave floors clean and streak free.”

Debbie Shattock added: “The Masslinn cloths are great value for money and do a great job of collecting all the debris from our floors throughout the hospital. They make cleaning quicker, easier, and altogether more effective.”

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