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New Intel partnership is a 'world first'

Published 11th July, 2017 by Neil Nixon

New Intel partnership is a 'world first'

Entrepreneur Syed Ahmed (who appeared on BBC2’s The Apprentice), founder and MD of the hand drying technology manufacturer Savortex, has teamed up with Intel to launch the adDryer - claimed to be the world’s first smart and revenue share producing hand dryer for the corporate washroom sector. It follows successful trials at Heathrow Airport, RBS and the British Library, and the recent announcement of Savortex as a ‘successful innovator’ by the American Fortune 500 corporation Cummins, as part of its Environmental Gateway programme.

The adDryer is an IoT-enabled smart dryer which includes a digital screen that can deliver tailored, high-definition video messages to users, which can be used for internal marketing or as an additional revenue stream. By working with the building owner, Savortex can create an audience value of the estate based on the users of the building, for example gender, age and occupation. The company’s media buyers can then use this information to set and agree a cost per view rate that will be paid to the building owner each time someone uses an adDryer and sees an advert, thus creating revenue.

Built on Intel technology, the adDryer also alerts cleaners to washroom needs based on actual footfall, allowing companies to transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.

Savortex’s range of energy saving and smart EcoCurve hand dryers has been designed to transform the washroom market by delivering high levels of sustainability, energy savings and operational resource savings from the analysis of meaningful data. Each of the dryers in the range shares the same features including: a sleek design; a depth of just 134mm; and patented energy recovery and curved air delivery technology which - according to the manufacturer - results in a 66% energy saving compared to any other dryer on the market and 97% savings when compared to using paper towels.

Syed Ahmed, managing director at Savortex, said: “The aim of the EcoCurve range is to disrupt the washroom sector. With a focus on smart connected devices providing data and insights for operators, it is unique in the market. The adDryer allows companies to transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets. This revolutionary product that will help businesses reduce costs and boost revenue.”

Rod O’Shea, EMEA IoT group director at Intel UK, said: “This is Intel’s first foray into the hand drying sector. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate how, with smart building management and connected devices, enterprises can use data to drive additional revenue streams while reducing operational costs and saving energy. We are proud to work with Savortex, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences.”

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