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New formula is tough on laundry stains

Published 26th May, 2016 by Neil Nixon

New formula is tough on laundry stains

P&G Professional, the away from home division of Procter & Gamble, has launched a new formula for its Ariel Professional product, especially tailored to help businesses in the hospitality industry remove tough laundry stains.

P&G Professional's research shows that 45% of independent operators believe clean linen has a significant effect on guest satisfaction, and therefore overall customer ratings and reviews. This comes as trivago, the world's largest hotel search site, revealed that 78% of guests expect an 'above average' level of cleanliness and that high standards of hygiene could boost a hotel's customer retention rates.

Wine, make-up, blood, coffee, grease, and food stains are renowned to be some of the toughest stains professionals face on a daily basis. Ariel's new professional formula is specially designed to provide stain removal in the first wash, allowing professionals to spend more time focused on the running of their business whilst ensuring they always make the perfect impression on their guests.

Its technologies act in synergy to ensure the removal of tough marks. The boosted enzyme system breaks stains into smaller pieces that are easier to dissolve, while its polymers drill into stains to facilitate the penetration of the surfactants, and the multi-surfactants system dissolves and removes pieces of stains which are then rinsed away.

Alain Lievens, senior scientist (R&D) at P&G Professional, said: “Whether it's for use in a hotel or restaurant, P&G Professional's cleaning solutions have been designed to deliver exceptional results, with maximum efficiency at all times. P&G Professional understands the importance of tackling stains to keep businesses thriving.”

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