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New colours for Big White Mop

Published 18th March, 2013 by Neil Nixon

New colours for Big White Mop

Robert Scott's Big White Mop is now available in four new colours - blue, green, yellow, pink. White mops are still available, and the range comes in three sizes.

Originally introduced to provide cleaners with a mop capable of providing a highly efficient service in areas of high footfall, the Big Coloured mopping system has also proved to be a viable alternative to PY mops and microfibre systems and is now being used extensively by hospitals, both large and small, across the UK.

Last year the company introduced a removable socket for the range which enables the mop head to be changed simply and quickly - further prolonging the life of the system as well as helping reduce waste in landfill sites being filled with yet more plastic. The socket incorporates a simple clip mechanism which is strong enough to withstand the rigours of daily use. Mop heads can be taken off and either washed or disposed of within seconds - the colour coded removable sockets and Big White Mop heads are available now in boxes of 50.

Available in three sizes including the 'Skinny' which is proving popular for smaller areas of hospital buildings and catering kitchens, the new sockets have also cut down on the amount of plastic used in their manufacture - this means that not only is the product now more adaptable and can be used in a wide variety of areas, but it is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Alastair Scott said: “Every year the UK cleaning industry buys and sells 700 tonnes of plastic mop sockets, almost all of which, ultimately, end up in a landfill site causing environmental damage as well as being extremely costly. The Big White Mop Range offers a real alternative to this environmental problem as well as tackling the problems associated with cross contamination in hospitals and other sensitive environmental areas. It is a cost effective, non-woven and highly efficient system which, in these days of cuts and savings being introduced, is increasingly being seen as one of the most viable mopping options available.”

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