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New cash back scheme from Nilfisk

Published 19th December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

New cash back scheme from Nilfisk

In difficult economic times every penny really does count. It is therefore essential that, as an industry, we continue to produce more for less. Delivering first class cleaning results at an affordable price is paramount. Why compromise?

As a result the Nilfisk Group has continued to identify cost saving initiatives across the board, from product development to consumable usage. One such initiative is a new cash back trade in scheme that is now available within all UK sales channels.

A member of the Nilfisk team will evaluate your existing machine taking into account age, condition and performance. This existing machine can be of any make or model. Once the assessment is complete a value will be agreed for the old machine and a replacement Nilfisk model specified.

Your old machine will then be removed from site and disposed of in accordance with current WEEE regulations. In exchange you will be supplied with the latest, up to date equipment that will provide you with improved cleaning performance and daily cost savings.

The new machine is invoiced to you and you will receive money back for your old unit. It could not be simpler!

Nilfisk’s sales director, Leigh Mason, said: “On a daily basis we see customers limping along with old equipment which is both inefficient and costly to maintain and operate. This new scheme allows them to replace their old model, improve performance and reduce ongoing costs. Additionally the physical removal of the machine takes away the customers liabilities in terms of WEEE and COSHH regulations. It is a win, win situation.”

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