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'Needlestick' safety survey underway

Published 15th August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

'Needlestick' safety survey underway

Clinical waste and needlestick safety expert, Initial Medical, is running a survey in conjunction with BADN. The research is designed to gain insight into BADN members' needlestick practices and injury levels, so training and sharps safety provision can be tailored going forward.

In the UK, a small, but still troubling number of healthcare workers develop a potentially life-threatening disease as a result of a sharps injury. Studies estimate that 56% of dental clinical staff experience at least one needlestick injury a year, with the majority occurring after they have administered an injection on a patient.

The survey will ask questions around whether the respondent has ever had a needlestick injury, how it was obtained, and how it was handled, as well as some questions around the needlestick safety regulations.

Rebecca Allen, category manager for Initial Medical, said: “Needlestick safety is such an important issue. As a dental nurse, using needles is part of your everyday job, it is easy to become complacent. However, when you consider the risk of infection following a needlestick injury is estimated to be 1 in 3 for HBV, 1 in 30 for HCV and 1 in 300 for HIV, it is vital that best practice and the Health & Safety (Sharps Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013 are complied with. We are running the survey, in conjunction with BADN, so we can gain a better understanding of how needlestick safety injuries occur, how often they occur, and how they are managed, so we can better tailor our provision to dental nurses and generate more awareness of how to prevent needlestick injuries."

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