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Multi-directional, cordless surface cleaner

Published 16th October, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Multi-directional, cordless surface cleaner

Kärcher has unveiled the WVP 10 Professional Window and Surface Cleaner, a multi-directional, cordless device that enables cleaning of any flat surface. The device offers fast, efficient, multi-application cleaning and drying, eliminating the need for a bucket of water and cloth.

The WVP 10 is a lightweight and ergonomic handheld cleaning device that features a large capacity dirty water collection tank, powerful suction and a removable battery for extended use, plus the advanced version comes with a second battery with quick charger for continuous cleaning time. The product is easy to operate, with a soft-grip for comfortable use and a manually adjustable distance holder ensures a perfect, streak-free finish.

Nicola Clare, product manager at Kärcher UK, said: “Our WVP 10 is an exciting introduction to the professional cleaning world as there is nothing quite like it already out there. It is a smart and efficient unit that eliminates the need for buckets or soggy cloths making it much better suited to a professional environment, regardless of industry sector. It really is a fresh approach to professional cleaning and we are proud to say that it delivers exceptional results.”

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