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Most public washroom visitors avoid using the seat

Published 10th February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Most public washroom visitors avoid using the seat

More than half the number of people who use public toilets never sit down on the seat for fear of what they might catch, according to a Tork survey. And 30% of washroom users would like to see either a toilet seat cleaner or a paper cover provided.

“Opinion is divided about what germs can be picked up from a toilet seat, but it seems that most people are not willing to take the risk,” said SCA Tissue Europe product and market manager Charlotte Branwhite. “Our research shows that as many as 54% of washroom users never sit down on the toilet seat when using a public washroom.”

Tork now offers a toilet seat cleaner as part of its new Tork Hand Cleaning and Care system. Tork Premium Toilet Seat Cleaner can be used in conjunction with toilet tissue to hygienically clean the seat before use. It dries quickly and also helps to neutralise odours.

“Tork Premium Toilet Seat Cleaner offers reassurance and comfort to the visitor,” said Branwhite. “It will be particularly welcomed in the food and catering sectors where hygiene is extremely important, as well as in the washrooms of offices and hotels plus public toilets in town centres and parks.”

Besides Tork Premium Toilet Seat Cleaner, the Tork Hand Cleaning and Care system includes a range of reformulated soaps plus new Tork Premium alcohol gel hand sanitiser. This conforms to EN 1500 and leaves the hands 99.9% bacteria-free.

Tork Premium liquid soap is now housed in a cartridge that is completely sealed to protect the soap from contamination. The cartridge takes only a few seconds to replace, leaving staff free to pursue other tasks. It is also collapsible when empty which reduces the volume of waste by 70% and cuts down on disposal costs.

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