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Most popular locations for female business owners revealed

Published 24th April, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Most popular locations for female business owners revealed

Small business insurer Simply Business has revealed the most common locations for female-led businesses across the UK.

The new research found that London remains the small business capital, with the greatest number of female-led businesses of the UK’s biggest cities. Birmingham and Leicester followed close behind.

Top 10 cities by number of female business owners and tradespeople are: London; Birmingham; Leicester; Liverpool; Bristol; Edinburgh; Manchester; Glasgow; Exeter; and Sheffield.

Simply Business is one of the largest business insurance providers in the UK, with over 425,000 small businesses across over 1,000 different trades. Analysing its customer base, they found that accountancy was the fastest growing type of business for female entrepreneurs, with 16 times the number of female-run accountancy businesses in 2017 than there were in 2014. Simply Business also looked at the most popular types of business owned by women, with business consultancy appearing high on the list alongside trades like hairdressing and cleaning.

The top 10 most common businesses owned by women are: Cleaning; Hairdressing; Consultancy (business and management); Beauty; Market trading; Teaching/tutoring; IT; Cake making and decorating; Caring; and Café ownership.

Fiona McSwein, chief customer officer at Simply Business, said: “100 years after women got the vote in the UK it is brilliant to acknowledge and celebrate female entrepreneurs around the country. Their hard work, expertise and commitment contributes significantly to the UK economy, and it is important that they are supported and encouraged as they grow their businesses. Our data shows the fantastic variety of career paths female entrepreneurs have chosen - from accountants and IT contractors to beauticians and market traders. At Simply Business we are so proud to insure the success of female-run businesses up and down the country.”

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