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Monitoring solution available to the cleaning industry

Published 30th January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Monitoring solution available to the cleaning industry

Advanced Mobile Communications (Advanced) has launched its iConnect mobile monitoring solution into the cleaning industry to allow cleaning companies to use a mobile phone to track remote staff, confirm their location and assign and monitor tasks all in real time.

Advanced's iConnect solution has been successfully used within the UK homecare sector for the past 12 years and there are now 20,000 users of the solution. Its success has influenced Advanced's decision to make the solution available to UK cleaning providers as many have to deal with the same issues of tracking and managing remote workforces.

Chris Griffin, sales director from Advanced Mobile Communications, said: "It can prove problematic, time-consuming and costly to effectively manage a remote workforce. The use of iConnect removes the uncertainties around if and when workers have arrived at a customer site and whether they have completed their tasks, optimising productivity, improving compliance and cutting administration costs."

iConnect enables cleaning providers to know, in real time, when a worker arrives and leaves a location using the near field communication (NFC) technology that is built into the iConnect mobile device. Each remote worker simply scans their iConnect device across the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag discreetly placed at each customer site to register their arrival and departure times. This real time information is then automatically transmitted back to head office.

iConnect also enables task lists to be issued to each worker's mobile phone so that it is clear which tasks require completion at each customer site. Each worker ticks off the tasks once completed and this information is then transmitted back to head office, improving both productivity and transparency. Alarms can even be raised if a worker fails to arrive at or leave a customer site, if tasks have not been completed and/or to alert supervisors to tasks that require their inspection.

Griffin added: "iConnect enables cleaning providers to have a level of transparency that is key for effective compliance with customer contracts. Workers can also be reassured that the solution improves lone worker safety, proving a 'win win' for both employer and employee."

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