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Mobile workforce solution helps reduce accidents

Published 27th July, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Mobile workforce solution helps reduce accidents

Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking is helping Irish cleaning firm, Cagney Contract Cleaning, effectively improve health and safety whilst reducing costs. Since equipping its 16-strong fleet with the Fleetmatics GPS tracking system, the company reports a sharp reduction in road accidents, with insurance premiums dropping substantially as a result.

“Fleetmatics provides a rapid return on a minimum investment,” said Cagney Contract Cleaning's director, Garvan Cagney. “We have reduced our fuel bills, even though the price of fuel has increased by 40% over the past three years. Our insurance premiums have dropped substantially with the rapid reduction in the number of accidents and incidents occurring.”

A family-owned business, Cagney Contract Cleaning provides cleaning services to a wide range of office blocks and industrial facilities across Ireland. One of the main reasons for the firm's decision to turn to Fleetmatics was to curb the growing number of accidents and reported incidents involving its drivers. “We needed to rein in our drivers a little, by implementing a programme to change attitudes and realise positive improvements,” said Cagney.

Cagney's main priority was to find a system that offered a driver behaviour tool, which monitors vehicles throughout the day and would alert him instantly of excessive speeds. As the firm has no scheduled routes and no specific start and finish times, he wanted to be able to track and trace each vehicle and the driver's identification to provide proof of service to his customers - a system that could be displayed on a big screen in the main office that all drivers could see. Finally, as they were using two separate systems to manage fuel, Cagney wanted the fleet management system to streamline fuel management.

“Since installing Fleetmatics, the improvements in our drivers' attitude and behaviour have been immense,” said Cagney. “With Fleetmatics, we can view the exact location of every vehicle in our fleet in real time. Garmin integration enables us to give turn-by-turn directions to our drivers, should they ever be lost, and with the Ride Along feature, which uses Google's Street View, we can even instruct them on where best to park.”

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