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Mitie launches CarbonCare

Published 31st December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Mitie launches CarbonCare

Mitie has launched CarbonCare - the first fully integrated carbon management service providing organisations with an all-encompassing service to manage energy usage and carbon emissions.

“Noone has successfully brought together all areas of carbon and energy management and we are very excited by the prospects of this new business stream,” said Mike Sewell, marketing director for Mitie’s technical facilities management business. “We have shown time and again that we can help clients significantly improve their efficiency in specific areas, but now for the first time clients have a holistic solution that will multiply the benefits across organisations.”

With new legislation such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme coming into force, organisations have a real need for joined up advice on managing their assets in an energy efficient way and meeting their obligations. Most do not have the capabilities internally to deal with these complex issues and until now have had to go to a range of suppliers to provide advice and practical delivery. Through CarbonCare, Mitie will provide the expertise of individual specialists, but more importantly, full integration across all services. Organisations that outsource their carbon and energy management to Mitie will achieve considerable benefits over the life cycle of their assets.

Mitie’s track record encompasses all areas of energy and carbon management. It has helped companies like Tesco save millions by reducing their energy consumption. Its innovative energy solutions are currently helping local councils achieve 60% carbon reductions in Building Schools for the Future new-build schools. Mitie is also working with partners such as E.ON to install carbon ground-source heat pumps in disadvantaged homes.

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