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Minimum Wage calculator launched

Published 22nd April, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Minimum Wage calculator launched

Businesses can now check quickly and easily that they are compliant with national minimum wage legislation coming into force in April.

The launch of a National Minimum Wage Calculator on the Business Link website - - helps employers ensure that they are paying their workers the wage that they are entitled to. The site also includes guidance on what businesses need to do to prepare for the new legislation.

Michaela Fitzgerald from said: "One of our priorities at Business Link is to make complying with legislation simple for business. The National Minimum Wage Calculator enables employers to work out how much they need to pay their staff for the hours that they work and provides them with an authoritative, trust-worthy source of help. It benefits both staff and employers as it ensures that workers receive the correct amount while employers do not risk incurring financial penalties for getting the calculation wrong."

From April 2009 employers who do not comply with the National Minimum Wage rules will be issued with an automatic penalty of up to £5000. A new way of calculating arrears for workers who have been underpaid will also be introduced.

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