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Minimising the effect of environmental spills

Published 18th November, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Minimising the effect of environmental spills

Adler and Allan has launched a new website providing a range of vital equipment and spill kits to help clean up and minimise the impact of on-site polluting spills.

The 'Spill Care website' - - features essential products suitable for all potential incidents from small to large-scale sites, including fuel and marine locations. Products include:

• Spill kits - for oils, fuels, solvents, chemicals, aqueous and organic liquids.
• Absorbents - for mopping up oil and chemical spills.
• Storage - for containing spills and sealing holes.
• Drainage - for protecting and sealing drains in the event of a spill.
• Marine - specific equipment and training for marine spills.
• Sockit - filtration system to prevent water contamination.
• Fuel treatments.

Adler and Allan also offers more information on its range of services, including spill response training and consultancy, which helps businesses form an active spill response plan, use the appropriate products, and ensure the correct procedures are in place.

Alan Scrafton from Adler and Allan said: "Businesses are legally obliged to manage polluting materials quickly and efficiently in order to reduce the environmental impact so, beyond our own 24 hour spill response service, we felt it important that Adler and Allan supports them from the minute an incident occurs, allowing the risk of disaster to be minimised as quickly as possible. The new 'web-shop' offers products that will not only help firms meet the ISO14001 requirements, but also ensure they are better prepared and appropriately equipped in the event of a site spill, regardless of scale. Acting fast is essential so having the correct spill procedure in place is key to reducing damage to the environment and, potentially, a business' reputation."

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