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Milestone achievement for cleaning company employee

Published 23rd May, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Milestone achievement for cleaning company employee

A supervisor from Bio-Productions has reached a milestone achievement with the company. Olga Cepukoit-Kulmatytska is celebrating 10 years since she joined the business, which manufactures environmentally-friendly cleaning products for professional, janitorial and industrial use, after moving to England from Lithuania in 2008.

Unable to speak any English at the time, Cepukoit-Kulmatytska was thrown in the deep end at the company’s purpose-built factory in Burgess Hill. Working as a line operator, she and her colleagues ensured the smooth operation of the wets department but she also set to work devising strategies for waste reduction.

“From the start, we knew she was special,” said Phil Karn, Olga Cepukoit-Kulmatytska’s then-supervisor and operations director at Bio-Productions since 2014. “We joke about the first time I trained her because back then, with little or no English, she still had strong ideas about what we could do to maximise our efficiency and we’ve since gone on to adopt those methods to great effect.”

Cepukoit-Kulmatytska started learning English in her spare time while Phil Karn provided grammatical guidance. “He’d help me to refine my sentences and correct my mistakes,” she said. “He really took me under his wing so that I became fluent and was more than generous with his time. I’ll always be so grateful. The level of support was even more than you’d expect from a close friend.”

Within months, Cepukoit-Kulmatytska became proficient in English and soon made the transition from line operator to supervisor, where she looked after some members of staff who had actually worked at the company far longer than her. She has since climbed the ladder with supervisory stints in the gels department, as well as the Sanitare and powders division. In 2015, she welcomed her mother Nina to the business as an operator in the finishing department.

Last year, she took home the ‘Rising Star’ award at the inaugural BHBiz Awards. Her next big step involves taking on a production supervisor role in the finishing department.

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