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Miele shortlisted in the New Energy Awards

Published 27th March, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Miele shortlisted in the New Energy Awards

Miele Professional has been named as a finalist in the New Energy Awards for its innovative heat-pump drying technology which can reduce electricity consumption by up to 60% when compared with a conventional condenser dryer. Now in its fourth year, the New Energy Awards recognise and reward only the best individuals and companies committed to alternative sources of energy.

Miele has been shortlisted for the development of its heat pump technology. This energy saving technology features a closed circuit - hot, moisture-laden air from the dryer is passed through the heat-pump where is it cooled and dehumidified through condensation in a heat exchanger. The air then proceeds through a second heat exchanger, where it is re-heated before it is passed through the drum. The closed air circuit obviates the need for vent ducting, which can reduce the expense of installation.

"We are thrilled to have been selected as a finalist in the New Energy Awards 2012,” said Les Marshall, Miele Professional's sales and marketing director. “Miele takes pride in being recognised for its environmental work, and these products exemplify our ongoing commitment to developing methods that enhance both reliability and efficiency."

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