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Miele Professional launches WetCare Training Centre

Published 10th September, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Miele Professional launches WetCare Training Centre

Miele Professional has announced the launch of a new WetCare Training Centre in partnership with finishing equipment suppliers Renzacci UK Plc and detergent manufacturer Kreussler. The centre in Feltham, London has been designed to train dealers and customers on how the WetCare system works and to demonstrate the system with full test washes.

The WetCare system uses Miele Professional washers and dryers to safely clean all articles of clothing that are normally dry cleaned, by using water and a safe biodegradable detergent mixture to clean. The development meets the needs of dry cleaners who are increasingly looking to diversify their offering by laundering everyday items such as duvets and shirts as well as the items typically sent for dry cleaning, thereby increasing profits.

Wet cleaning technology is the most effective way to remove water-based stains and odours, rendering clothes not only truly clean, but fresh smelling, and the process does not expose workers or customers to toxic chemicals. A wide variety of materials can be cleaned in a wet cleaning system, including specialist items such as Ugg boots and leather jackets. By using other cycles on the machine, users can also wash everyday items such as shirts, suits and duvets, making their offering more diverse.

Miele's WetCare system is also beneficial for the environment. The washing cycle uses 30% less water than conventional machines and can clean at as little as 20Ëšc, reducing energy consumption by 50%. The machines are easy to run - they do not require a solvent license, and can be left to run without the need for constant monitoring. The chemical dosing required for each cycle is automatically programmed; the machine controls the pump and chemicals are automatically adjusted depending on the cycle.

Rob Dixon, national sales manager for Miele Professional, said: “We are confident that dry cleaners who try the Miele Professional WetCare system will not look back. With WetCare's potential to not only reduce energy costs and the use of solvents, but also increase the range of items that can be cleaned in house, we believe that more and more dry cleaners will be switching to WetCare once they see what it can do.”

As with all Miele machines, Miele's patented honeycomb drum gently cushions fabrics away from the drum. Miele's washing machines also have the highest G-Force in the market which reduces moisture levels in the garments. This dramatically reduces the time that items spend in the dryer, meaning that loads can be safely washed in as little as 22 minutes.

Miele Professional WetCare is supported by five official partners who all attended the launch and saw the results for themselves with items they brought to test the WetCare system: Goodman Sparks; Solent Laundry Solutions; Allsop & Francis; Wilson Electrics; and GW Commercial Equipment (Romford).

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