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Microfibre Light aims to wipe out HAIs

Published 18th May, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Microfibre Light aims to wipe out HAIs

Effective cleaning is an essential part of the fight against HAIs, and the Microfibre Light from Chicopee is a new weapon in the cleaning professional’s arsenal.

Microfibre is the recommended material in the NHS National Patient Safety Agency’s Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual, which says that microfibre mops and cloths not only reduce the time taken to perform cleaning tasks, they enable the efficient removal of bacterial. It recommends the use of quality cloths, constructed with a high level of microfibre.

The Microfibre Light from Chicopee has a 100% splittable microfibre structure which delivers superior cleaning performance while removing 99.99% of microbes without the use of chemicals. Known as the ‘capillary effect’, Microfibre Light’s fibres act like a magnet, removing and trapping bacteria so they are not released onto the next surface to be cleaned. This is because they are positively charged while bacteria, dirt and dust are negatively charged - consequently they are all attracted to the cloth. Biolab tests in the UK have also shown that traditional cloths transferred 32% of microbes collected from one surface to the next, whilst microfibre transferred 0%.

James Taylor, director of product marketing at Chicopee, said: “By using Microfibre Light for short term use, healthcare cleaning professionals can be confident that bacteria will be removed from surfaces and risks of cross contamination, that can lead to HAIs and community associated infections (CAIs) are significantly reduced.”

The Chicopee Microfibre Light cloth is available in five colours to help match HACCP standards for safe cleaning, with 40 sheets in each re-sealable pack.

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