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Microfibre kit enables high level dusting

Published 11th November, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Microfibre kit enables high level dusting

Vikan's new Easy Hi Dust Microfibre Kit offers a complete high-level dusting solution in one box. Reaching heights of up to 5m, difficult-to-clean areas such as stairwells and pipework can now be cleaned with ease.

The Vikan kit contains three interior mop microfibre sleeves, three microfibre gloves, an interior mop holder, and a high-reach telescopic handle. The microfibre gloves are ideal for cleaning hand rails, stainless steel and other detail work.

The interior mop head can be flexed to clean pipes, high ledges and even behind radiators. The telescopic handle enables reach of up to 5m, making high-level dusting easy and offering a safer alternative to using ladders with conventional equipment.

Vikan's ultra microfibre dusting system works using an electro static charge designed to pick up more dirt than traditional methods, which tend to scatter rather than collect. The telescopic handle is also interchangeable with other Vikan kits, such as EasyShine, itself designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, stainless steel and other high-gloss surfaces, using just water.

Suitable for new contract mobilisations, the kit simplifies the order process and provides cost-effective dusting equipment, all in one box.

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