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Microfibre floor mat launched

Published 9th June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Microfibre floor mat launched

Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched the Initial Microfibre Plus Mat, the first serviced floor mat in the UK to contain microfibre. Microfibres are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, microscopic dirt particles and the Initial Microfibre Plus Mat is able to hold over 150% more water, and almost 50% more dirt, than a standard serviced mat.

The Initial Microfibre Plus Mat acts as a barrier to stop germs and dirt from spreading around premises. It has been developed with the latest fibre technology to absorb moisture around entrances and corridors, and is perfect for high footfall areas.

The mat minimises the amount of dirt and water tracked into a building by using a combination of 50% microfibre and 50% Phoenix fibre for optimum pick up and absorption. It has a Superstyrene rubber backing (which is memory resistant so the mat stays flat), in Initial's unique raptor pattern, which reduces movement on wet, hard surfaces, and the opportunity for resulting slips and trips.

Dr Peter Barratt, technical manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, said: “Mats like the Initial Microfibre Plus Mat are an essential component of business's hygiene and safety strategy. As well as helping to reduce slips and trips, they provide the benefit of protecting floors - they help to reduce cleaning costs by acting as a barrier against dirt spreading around the premises and they enhance brand perception by demonstrating how seriously a business considers the safety of its building visitors.”

There are a range of mat sizes and floorcare service options available for an Initial Microfibre Plus Mat plus a version which has been designed specifically to fit around water coolers, - the Initial Microfibre Plus Water Cooler Mat.

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