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Mi-Cloth disposable microfibre cleaning for the healthcare sector

Published 8th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Mi-Cloth disposable microfibre cleaning for the healthcare sector

Robert Scott has recently introduced Mi-Cloth, a new disposable microfibre cleaning cloth, designed to provide healthcare cleaning professionals with a quick and effective method for the removal of 99.9% of harmful bacteria without the need for chemicals and laundering.

Mi-Cloth, available individually or on a roll, is made from 100% low linting microfibre that delivers not only a superior cleaning performance but also removes bacteria and microbes from a range of surfaces without the need for chemicals.

These strong, hardworking microfibre cloths can be used with minimal amounts of water – either damp for the cleaning of surfaces and worktops or dry for smear-free finishes such as stainless steel, glass or simple dusting. They are strong enough for hypochlorite solutions, and are colour coded to combat cross contamination issues.

The unique design and construction of the Mi-Cloth microfibre ensures that bacteria is trapped in the cloth and not released onto the next surface to be wiped - the microfibre acting like a magnet, with dirt, dust and harmful bacteria attracted to the cloth helping to solve the problem of cross contamination particularly in hospitals and care homes.

“Cloths used in many healthcare institutions have been found to still contain high levels of bacteria after being laundered, which isn’t conducive to combatting HAI’s,” said Alastair Scott, Sales Director at Robert Scott.

“The fact that Mi-Cloth is disposable and surfaces can be simply wiped clean and then the cloth thrown away as opposed to laundering, healthcare cleaning professionals can now be confident that as much as 99.9% of bacteria will be removed from surfaces with the risk of cross contamination significantly reduced.”

Mi-Cloth is available in packs of 50 sheets and rolls of 250 perforated sheets, which can be used in dispensers, carried on trolleys or kept on worktop surfaces.

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