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Making real change happen

Published 25th September, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Making real change happen

In its 10 anniversary year, Midland Paper Products has announced the availability of its Esfina Carry Pack, with the Esfina Luxury Performance 2-ply interfold hand towel. The Esfina Carry Pack is a plastic enclosed case of functional hand towels, with handles that make it easier to lift, carry and use. The pack contains Esfina Luxury Performance 2-ply interfold hand towels, with 144 sheets per sleeve and 21 sleeves per pack.

Craig Williams, sales director for Midland Paper Products, said: “In today's washroom environment, real innovations are few and far between. Hand towels of varying sizes, colours and absorbency are bought to market by a variety of industry organisations, and the sector is almost swamped, and often confused by choice. Against this background, Midland Paper is very pleased to announce the Carry Pack, which brings with it real business advantage in the form of product that actually makes life easier for the end user.”

Williams continued: “The Esfina Carry Pack truly enhances performance from end to end. Our distributors will find them a real point of difference, and in turn, their customers will gain significant benefits. On top of this, the Esfina Luxury Performance 2-ply interfold hand towels deliver a superb performance. With excellent wet strength and high absorbency, the self-presenting hand towels are soft, durable and kind to hands and the high specification will ensure that one hand towel is always enough.”

The Esfina Luxury Performance 2-ply interfold hand towels also carry the Nordic Swan Eco label, which ensures 'least burden on the environment'. “With low cost in use, and outstanding environmental credentials, the Esfina Carry Pack Luxury Performance 2-ply interfold hand towel will support any corporate and social responsibility goals and with the CHSA Soft Tissue Accreditation Mark, you can be assured that the product will always deliver as promised,” concluded Williams.

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