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LVC blows its own trumpet at the International Choral Festival

Published 16th March, 2018 by Neil Nixon

LVC blows its own trumpet at the International Choral Festival

LVC teamed up with the London International Choral Festival at Central Hall Westminster to demonstrate that you can use cleaning machines for more than just cleaning.

Events manager, Gill Dixon was inspired to use alternatives to traditional instruments to produce music for the festival. The result was a piece entitled the Grand Overture by Malcolm Arnold featuring four 'soloists' on vacuum cleaner and floor polisher, all of who 'interrupt' the music and eventually drown it out. The conductor then mockingly 'shoots' the four soloists who slump inert over their machines to comedic effect.

Dixon approached LVC with the idea of hiring 3-4 different vacuum cleaners plus a floor polisher for a piece of music that was to be performed at the Westminster Central Hall. LVC’s hire department was surprised by the unusual request but also excited to collaborate with the arts team and make the idea come to life. Jonathan Rees, hire manager at LVC, said: “This was certainly the most unusual hire request that I have dealt with during my 15 years at LVC but I must say the classical music made a pleasant change from the usual hip-hop and grime that my teenagers fill my house with.”

LVC looked at what Gill Dixon and her team were trying to do and advised on the most suitable machines for the different sounds they wanted to produce. They supplied an upright vac (Sebo 470), a tub vac (ivac C5), a large 95 litre wet/dry vac (Viper LSU395) and a floor polisher (Nilfisk FM400). All machines were selected to meet the brief of not only being able to make a range of sounds, but also looked different from each other too.

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