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Luxury hotel takes a firm hold on hygiene

Published 6th April, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Luxury hotel takes a firm hold on hygiene

The luxury Whittlebury Hall hotel, spa, conference, and training centre in Northamptonshire has taken a proactive approach to hand hygiene by installing a novel hygiene product. The hotel has installed a number of specialist hygienic door handles across its facilities in a bid to prevent the spread of germs. By installing the Pure Hold Hygiene Handles, which are mounted onto standard pull-doors in place of normal handles, the hotel joins an exclusive group of health and care facilities to have fitted the Hygiene Handle and is now seeing tangible benefits.

The Hygiene Handles release sanitiser gel onto the hand of users upon grip through a valve system - thereby actively ensuring hand hygiene, as well as preventing the spread of infection from contaminated surfaces. Normal door handles are often a hotbed of germs, but the Hygiene Handle was found to be 98.5% cleaner than a standard handle.

Pure Hold's Matt Roberts said: “We are delighted the Hygiene Handles have been so successful at Whittlebury Hall. The risks of transmitting germs from contaminated surfaces are very real and the hotel should be commended for taking such a responsible and proactive approach to hand hygiene.”

Craig Rose, executive head chef at Whittlebury Hall, said: “I first saw the Pure Hold hygienic door handle units whilst on a site visit to a national food manufacturing plant. As a busy conference, training centre, hotel and spa, we strive for high standards and innovations that continue to improve our customer and employee experience. With the consequences of poor hygiene within a food operation area clear, I instantly thought the Hygienic Handles were a great idea. Installation was quick and easy and with no disruption to our business. Suppliers and visitors to our kitchens have been interested and impressed with the handles and we have seen a reduction in staff absence from colds and flu-like symptoms.”

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