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'Longest-ever' K-C P hand towel launched

Published 28th January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

'Longest-ever' K-C P hand towel launched

Kimberly-Clark Professional has taken the Healthy Workplace Project up a gear with the launch of two innovative new products designed to help customers create 'Exceptional Workplaces'.

The company has launched a rolled hand towel that is claimed to be longer than any other available today. At 354 metres in length, the Scott XL rolled hand towel comprises 7080 sheets and is 18% longer than the longest hand towel previously available from Kimberly-Clark Professional - which was 300 metres.

The new Scott XL is a self-presenting hand towel made from high performance Airflex fabric, guaranteeing a soft, strong and highly absorbent product, and providing the washroom user with an effective and comfortable hand-drying experience. It carries Euroflower Eco Label accreditation, which signifies that it has been manufactured in a way that meets stringent criteria controlling ingredients, energy usage, carbon emissions and water consumption.

Meanwhile, Kimberly-Clark Professional has also launched a new line of ultra-hygienic hand wash and paper towel dispensers for washrooms. The Aquarius range offers a wide variety of benefits, including exceptional levels of hygiene - the dispensers have no dirt traps and are easy to clean - and improved functionality. Other features include a patented system to ensure over-fill prevention for folded products.

Aquarius dispensers come with a choice of push button or keyed locks, and compact versions are available for smaller washrooms. Customisation is also possible using coloured window inserts, presenting a choice of 18 designs, each of which is sure to liven up any washroom environment.

Richard Millard, platform leader for EMEA at Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “Our new Scott XL rolled hand towel is our longest ever and the longest in the marketplace today. At more than 350m long it offers end-users a host of benefits and is the perfect fit for companies taking part in the Healthy Workplace Project. Like all our products, it offers best-in-class hand drying and is produced sustainably, with the added benefit of greater length. Taken as a whole, it is a package that ensures the Scott XL out-performs any other rolled hand towel available today. Likewise, our Aquarius dispensers offer a hygienic solution that is perfect for any workplace washroom. As well as offering unrivalled high performance, the dispensers will enhance the image of a washroom, which in turn will help to encourage people to make proper use of them when they come to wash and dry their hands. In this way, the Aquarius dispensers can be a really powerful tool for companies that are taking part in the Healthy Workplace Project.”

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