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Long-lasting germ-protection system

Published 20th August, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Long-lasting germ-protection system

Microbe Secure has launched a long-lasting germ protection system that enables cleaning companies to check protection is at an optimal level at any given time.

Microbe Secure works by transforming normal surfaces into antimicrobial surfaces, neutralising infection-bearing germs long after application. Test results show that the disinfectant's antimicrobial properties last up to 30 days post application, for as long as the surface protection remains intact.

The system is completed with a patent-pending technology that verifies the treatment has taken place and is still working. An indicator strip called the veristrip is applied to the surface. This changes colour, providing a reading of the current level of protection and representing a key technology shift in the infection-control sector.

Healthcare-associated infections cost $80 billion a year globally [1], with 7% of hospitalised patients acquiring at least one healthcare-associated infection [2]. And annual influenza epidemics worldwide result in about three to five million cases of severe illness, and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths [3]. Significant challenges arise from high levels of cross-contamination and the fact that germs on surfaces can remain viable for days, even weeks.

The Microbe Secure system offers benefits for cleaning companies, enabling them to confirm with confidence they are providing an effective germ-protection solution, while also bringing cost savings for them and clients as a result of eliminating unnecessary treatments.

Cost saving is also made possible by the efficacy of the product across a broad spectrum of antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses. According to the company, Microbe Secure effectively neutralises MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter, Norovirus and the influenza virus, to name just a few, meaning that cleaning professionals can offer comprehensive protection with just one product.

Avoiding superfluous applications and eliminating the use of many different chemicals help to protect the environment, with additional environmental benefits also arising from a product that is non-toxic and contains no heavy metals.

Performance of the disinfectant and the verification system has been verified by independent test laboratories.

Microbe Secure is a UK-based pharma development company, with a primary focus on infection prevention and control solutions.

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