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Lightening the cleaning load

Published 21st August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Lightening the cleaning load

Chesterfield Royal Hospital is seeing dramatic improvements in floor cleanliness and productivity following successful trials of 3M Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector, 3M Surface Preparation Pads (SPP) and 3M Scotch-Brite High-Shine Floor Pads.

With an extensive network of public corridors to maintain, the hospital was looking to increase productivity and reduce floor care costs without impacting on its high standards of cleanliness.

“The acrylic floor finish previously in use was prone to scuffing and yellowing, and needed to be chemically stripped at regular intervals,” said James Gravestock, general sales and marketing manager for 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “The heavy mop buckets and chemicals were detrimental to staff health and safety, and the application and drying process so time-consuming that the corridors had to be shut down for long periods at significant inconvenience.”

3M recommended the use of Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector for the hospital's main 'diamond' corridor, which receives the heaviest footfall. 3M SPP was used to quick-strip and remove marks on the old acrylic coating without the need for chemicals. Just two thin coats of Scotchgard Resilient were then applied with 3M Easy Shine Applicator Kit, creating a tough, durable protective barrier with a satin shine finish that no longer requires yearly stripping and re-coating, saving time, effort and money.

The remaining corridors were deep-cleaned using 3M SPP and polished with ScotchBrite High-Shine Floor Pads and water. Sienna pads were used to condition and polish the vinyl and Purple pads to buff it to a brilliant gloss finish.

Scotchgard Resilient is much quicker to apply and dry than acrylic coatings and its hard, durable surface is less susceptible to scratching and yellowing. One year after its application, the original coat is still in place on the central corridor, maintaining a clean, safe, glossy floor with minimal staff input.

“The benefits of working with 3M have been enormous,” said Margaret Wright, patient services supervisor, Chesterfield Royal Hospital. “Our cleaning staff no longer need heavy mops, buckets and chemicals to strip and maintain clean, glossy floors, and they are so much more productive.”

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